Natural Plan Stomach Soother Gets Positive Reviews – Helps All Kinds of Stomach Issues

Have you ever Googled yourself?  Kind of a scary moment, when you hit “Enter” and then wait to see what the court of public opinion has to say about you.  Well, we recently checked out what people were saying about Natural Plan Stomach Soother and we are glad we did.  There were a lot of stories where people spoke of how well it worked and a couple of stories where people weren’t sure, but they DID know that the horses loved the taste of Natural Plan Stomach Soother.  There were also some comments on the price – half thought it was inexpensive and half thought it was expensive.  Our comment on that is this, a single tube of omoparazole is well over $30, $40 and is $13 really too expensive for 8 days of digestive treatment?

We’ve taken some of the comments we’ve found online about Natural Plan Stomach Soother and how it helped their horses.  Read on to see how it might help your horse.

“I tried Stomach Soother on my young mare who wasn’t putting on weight months post foaling/weaning and was stressing over her turnout with older horses. I bought 2 months worth and only needed 1 month of it, as she finally turned the corner. She eats well now and always liked the taste of it. I’d been trying to tempt her appetite for months and doing things like shutting her in a stall with her hay. Mine come in for grain 2x a day.”   From: The Heartland

  “I have used Stomach Soother for a TB mare that had ulcer symptoms. Her appetite picked up and she seemed happier with the world. I probably kept her on it for 6 months. I ordered a new case and it is sitting unopened because she seems to be eating fine at the moment. I had to feed it to her in a dose syringe at first because I couldn’t depend on her to eat her feed. After about a week I could put it on the feed and she would start eating. She seems to like it. I also use it when the horses are stressed. It is a pain to go get it out of the refrigerator twice a day.”   From Houston, TX

 “I used it on an older horse with chronic diarrhea and it definitely helped. It isn’t quite as affordable as I’d have liked – you saw it on a shelf somewhere? I thought it was only available by mail order.”   From: Seargantvilles, NJ

“Love, love, love the (Natural Plan) Stomach Soother.   Old horse suffers from bad NTWs so much that he ulcers and goes off his feed and drops a ton of weight. So this summer, as he was getting itchy – and dewormed for the critters, I started the Stomach Soother. And presto! He kept eating and eating and eating.   Now I use for my fox-hunter/eventer. One day he just started weaving and being stupid. After adding the SS – back to his ol’ calm self.  Not sure if it is the most economical tummy ache med, but it has worked for me so I always make sure there is some in the fridge. ”  From:  Sunny, SC

It’s gratifying to read what’s been read – it was generally positive.  Just a couple of points I’d like to make – – understand it may be a pain to get it out of the fridge, but Natural Plan Stomach Soother has no preservatives so the 32 oz. bottle has to be refrigerated after opening.  We have a 2 oz. size that is available if refrigeration is not an option.  It is more convenient because it'[s a pre-measured dose.  Yes, it is more expensive, but it’s mostly because of the packaging.  Our products are available online at and increasingly, at a local tack or pet store near you.  We get new stores signed up every week.  And about the price, $13 gets you 16 doses for a full sized horse.  Sounds like a deal to me.

We appreciate all the comments and posting that people do because that is how this company has grown – by word of mouth.  It’s the most valuable advertising a company can have.

Older Horses Benefit from Natural Plan Stomach Soother

Mary T. wrote to us recently about her friend, a Quarterhorse named Fred.  He’s a lucky old guy, and not just because he was rescued, but because he was rescued by someone who truly cared about him and would work until she found the right solutions for her horse’s issues.  Below is the letter she sent us, telling us about Fred and Natural Plan Stomach Soother.

Natural Plan Stomach Soother has Older Horses Feeling Great

Older horses sometimes have stomach issues – they can be helped with Natural Plan Stomach Soother – papaya for horses

“It is past time for me to write about how Stomach Soother has helped my QH horse Fred. Fred is 30 or 31, was rescued in 2007 from a starvation situation and clearly has had abuse in his past. I adopted him in the fall of 2008. In the summer of 2009 he started having excess water in his stools and what I named “wet farts” – where he sprayed watery poo into his tail and down his buttocks. A lot of work to keep him clean and comfortable. It was episodic, but became worse in 2010. I tried a lot of different products – including four weeks of Gastrogard – but nothing really stopped the problem permanently. (I also switched alfalfa pellets to grass pellets – the alfalfa seems to aggravate the problem.)

I learned about Stomach Soother and started him on it mid-2012, twice a day in his mash. His issues cleared up in four weeks! I decided a few weeks ago to take him off and see if it made any difference. In three days of no Stomach Soother, his appetite was down and there was suddenly a lot of undigested hay fiber in his manure. That did it. He will be on Stomach Soother for life, it clearly helps him in many ways. (PS: He has Cushings syndrome, diagnosed in 2010, and is on Prascend – but no one thinks he looks like a Cushings horse, including the vet, he feels good, and keeps up with an 11-year-old warmblood during turnout.)

Thanks for making such a great product!”

Thanks Mary for telling us how Natural Plan Stomach Soother helped your Quarterhorse friend, Fred.

Kitty Cats Helped by Natural Plan Stomach Soother – Eases Vomiting, Helps with Weight

You know Natural Plan Stomach Soother works on horses, but did you know it can also help cats?  A cat’s digestion needs to be in top form due to its high protein diet.

A high protein diet makes it a little tougher on the digestive system, just like people – imagine how you sometimes feel after a big steak!  Digesting that protein easily is crucial to getting the health benefits from the protein.   A healthy cat is looks good, with clear eyes and a shiny coat and in good spirits.  Problems with digestion often manifest in other bodily systems.  Your cat might start losing weight, get a scraggly coat, act lethargic or maybe they’ll develop diarrhea and vomiting.  Vets are now understanding how important the digestive system is to cats (and just about anything with a stomach for that matter!)

The digestive tract, like ours, starts with the mouth and ends, well, you know, the end.   A cat’s digestive system is in always working to make sure they get all the nutrition they can from their diets to ensure their health.  If a cat is fed too many processed snacks, along with their high-protein diet and ingestion of hair – well, you can imagine why their digestive tract could use some help.
The papaya in Natural Plan Stomach Soother has been specially processed to keep as much of the beneficial qualities of the fruit.  These enzymes help break down proteins and may aid in their digestive processes.  Louisa B. reports that her Tonkinese is “doing quite well on his Natural Plan Stomach Soother regimen and he is no longer on Metronidazole.  I am really impressed with the success I have had using Stomach Soother on my cats!”   She reports that her cat has firmer stools and is no longer throwing up hairballs as much.
Sometimes when the digestive tract isn’t at it’s optimum, cats can lose their appetite.  This can be very distressing to cat owners, watching their cats waste away.  Dina C. wrote to us to say, “Greeting Tim!  I just wanted to tell you that Natural Plan Stomach Soother has helped my little Bailey!  She has an appetite now and has put on some weight.  Previously, she would eat a little bit of food and vomit.  I have been giving her Natural Plan Stomach Soother for a little over a week and she has not vomited since!  Her coat feels better, her eyes are bright and she is much more playful (like she used to be).  I couldn’t be more happy with the results.  Next time I speak to the vet, I will definitely tell her about your product.  I will definitely be a repeat customer.”
When you have the option of using expensive medications made from compounds of stuff, or using an afforable, natural single fruit based product, why wouldn’t you try the less aggressive way first?  Sometimes medications are needed, but why not give them the chance to deal with the underlying issue – good digestion, as opposed to dealing with the symptoms bad digestion causes.
Check out Natural Plan Stomach Soother for yourself and see how it can help your feline friend.

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