LikeYouOnlyPrettier Gets Her Good Looks from the Inside Out with Natural Plan Stomach Soother


LikeYouOnlyPrettier Gets Her Good Looks from the Inside Out with Natural Plan Stomach Soother

LikeYouOnlyPrettier was drinking better after she galloped, cleaned up her lunch and cleaned up her supper. Thank you for such a great product (Natural Plan Stomach Soother).


Horses LOVE Natural Plan Stomach Soother


Horses LOVE Natural Plan Stomach Soother

They love the taste of Natural Plan Stomach Soother

Soothing Stomachs Since 2004!

There are many digestive remedies available today, but unfortunately they’re expensive, cause undesirable side effect or aren’t allowed in competitions.  Natural Plan Stomach Soother is economical, has no known side effects and doesn’t test in competitions.  It has a sweet, fruity flavor that can be used to camouflage the taste of other medicines or supplements.  You won’t have to struggle to give them their doses – they consider it a treat!

Natural Plan Stomach Soother will help your horse or other animal friend with their digestive issues – naturally and for less.  Kathryn S. reported, “I had a yearling filly that had bouts of colic since 6 months of age.  Even though she held weight, she was quiet, rough coated and just not thriving like the others.  I put her on (Natural Plan) Stomach Soother ™ and immediately she ate her night meal without stopping.  She is eating with gusto ever since and her attitude is like a different yearling completely.  It’s nice to find a product that really does what it says it will do.”

For some horse owners, their digestive issues appear as ulcers or ulcer-related.  Their horses eat, maintain weight for the most part, but just seem to be “off”.  Dr. Madalyn Ward, noted holistic equine veterinarian has had success using Natural Plan Stomach Soother.  “Cooper” was a horse with suspected ulcers that showed significant results once started on Natural Plan Stomach Soother.  Dr. Ward reported, “Cooper stopped biting at his side within a few days of starting Stomach Soother, his shoulder tightness improved and he was able to lift his withers.  We weren’t convinced that our happy, well-managed cold could have horse ulcers, so we stopped the Stomach Soother after 1 bottle.  Guess what, the biting and shoulder stiffness returned within a week.  After 3 attempts to discontinue the Natural Plan Stomach Soother, we realized the horse ulcers were real and something we would need to address long term.”  Luckily for them, Natural Plan Stomach Soother can be used long term with no side effects or rebound syndrome.

Digestive issues can also appear as not eating, picky eating, not-so-picky eating and problems maintaining weight.  Feeding is one of the most basic things we can do to care for someone and when you have problems with it – it’s troubling to say the least.  NPSS helps by soothing the digestive tract so that their appetite can come back naturally and the nutrients from their food can be absorbed.  The digestive tract can lose functionality when inflamed or stressed.  This can prevent nutrients, medications and supplements from being absorbed.  This leads to a vicious circle of more expensive feeds, more medications, more supplements.  Many customers appreciate our natural, single ingredient product that gets to the heart of the matter – allowing the digestive process to work the way it is supposed to.


Horses Love the Taste of Natural Plan Stomach Soother

We love hearing from our customers.  Natalie H.L. wrote to tell us,

Natural Plan Stomach Soother

Papaya For Horses – Great for Digestion

“My horses will run down to get their Natural Plan Stomach Soother!  We actually use this as a huge part of their everyday diet and definitely before we go in the arena.  We also give it to them mostly in a large dosing syringe and now they don’t get so freaked out when they see a syringe.”

“…let me tell…


“…let me tell you that Natural Plan Stomach Soother was really a God send for my horses and got us through some hard time when the Rx would not help AT ALL….” Pao P.

Our customers are our biggest promoters – we appreciate each and every one.

“Legs” Feeling Great & Showing It with Natural Plan Stomach Soother ™


Horses feel good on Natural Plan Stomach Soother ™

Finicky Filly Flourishes, Crowned Champion on Natural Plan Stomach Soother ™


Traveling is stressful, for you, for your horse – being in a trailer, hauled across many miles, that’s not natural for a horse and it can cause problems for you.  First – just loading a horse can be stressful and then when you get to your location, there can be a mess for you to deal with and the horse might go off its feed.  Not a good situation since you’re probably traveling to show your horse, compete with your horse, or possibly sell your horse.  Having them show up in poor condition is not what you want – you want them to load easily, unload a horse without diarrhea, and have them eat at their new location – you need to Get on the Plan!

Tracy K. from Arcadia, Florida sent us the following email:

“I was introduced to Natural Plan Stomach Soother ™ by an e-group friend who sells horse products.  I was looking to purchase a another product for my weanlings that I was hauling to Iowa from SW Florida.  She recommended Natural Plan Stomach Soother instead.  My weanlings, particularly the filly, Lady of the House, were stressed from weaning and being off their feed.  48 hours after being placed on Natural Plan Stomach Soother and they were both eating everything in site…particularly the finicky filly who had two futurities to show in Des Moines, Iowa in October.  Wonder of wonders, she shipped well…even taking a nap when we did by laying down in her box stall on the trailer.  On October 4, 2010, after a 1,500 mile ride and after only being weaned for two weeks, she was crowed Mid West POA Futurity Filly Champion in Des Moines, Iowa.

I truly believe that Natural Plan Stomach Soother is what kept her eating and doing well for a whole 10 days on the road.  Thanks again for a great product that actually does what it says it is going to!”