Here Are Just Some of the Comments About Natural Plan Stomach Soother

“…I do know that horses who tend to stay on the Natural Plan Stomach Soother for 6 to 8 weeks no longer exhibit signs associated with ulcers.”

Donald Kiefer, DVM from Virginia

Natural Plan Stomach Soother

Papaya For Horses – Great for Digestion

Natural Plan Stomach Soother is very palatable and effective in horses with mild to moderate gastric ulcer / digestive upset symptoms consisting of poor appetite for grain, mild depression or irritability and sporadic belching or toothing grinding.  Documented rapid relief within three to five days.

Horse Journal magazine article: “Ulcers:  Weighing Risks v. Over-the-Counter Treatments”

“I ended up talking again to the girl at the tack/feed store I go to about how it might be an ulcer and getting more Ulcergard.  She talked about how it is so expensive and suggested that I try this (Natural Plan) Stomach Soother and that she had good reports from people that were using it for horses on the track.  Thanks for a great product – it worked!”

Kathy W. by email

Natural Plan Stomach Soother has been a HUGE part of our racing stable since I discovered your product while working at the Breeder’s Cup World Championships at Churchill Downs.  The first morning I gave it to her, she was drinking better after she galloped, cleaned up her lunch, and cleaned up her supper…. She put on weight, filled out, dappled out, and was a picture of health.

Danielle G. from Indiana

We recommend Natural Plan Stomach Soother for both large and small animal patients when they have digestive disturbances, stomach upset.”

Judith Shoemaker, DVM

Natural Plan Stomach Soother has always been a good seller ever since we discovered it back in 2004!  Customers like having a natural alternative to ulcer meds and they keep coming back for more.”

Ronnie Zito, Tri-County Tack store in Virginia

Older Horses Benefit from Natural Plan Stomach Soother

Mary T. wrote to us recently about her friend, a Quarterhorse named Fred.  He’s a lucky old guy, and not just because he was rescued, but because he was rescued by someone who truly cared about him and would work until she found the right solutions for her horse’s issues.  Below is the letter she sent us, telling us about Fred and Natural Plan Stomach Soother.

Natural Plan Stomach Soother has Older Horses Feeling Great

Older horses sometimes have stomach issues – they can be helped with Natural Plan Stomach Soother – papaya for horses

“It is past time for me to write about how Stomach Soother has helped my QH horse Fred. Fred is 30 or 31, was rescued in 2007 from a starvation situation and clearly has had abuse in his past. I adopted him in the fall of 2008. In the summer of 2009 he started having excess water in his stools and what I named “wet farts” – where he sprayed watery poo into his tail and down his buttocks. A lot of work to keep him clean and comfortable. It was episodic, but became worse in 2010. I tried a lot of different products – including four weeks of Gastrogard – but nothing really stopped the problem permanently. (I also switched alfalfa pellets to grass pellets – the alfalfa seems to aggravate the problem.)

I learned about Stomach Soother and started him on it mid-2012, twice a day in his mash. His issues cleared up in four weeks! I decided a few weeks ago to take him off and see if it made any difference. In three days of no Stomach Soother, his appetite was down and there was suddenly a lot of undigested hay fiber in his manure. That did it. He will be on Stomach Soother for life, it clearly helps him in many ways. (PS: He has Cushings syndrome, diagnosed in 2010, and is on Prascend – but no one thinks he looks like a Cushings horse, including the vet, he feels good, and keeps up with an 11-year-old warmblood during turnout.)

Thanks for making such a great product!”

Thanks Mary for telling us how Natural Plan Stomach Soother helped your Quarterhorse friend, Fred.

Little Dogs Get BIG Benefits from Natural Plan Stomach Soother


Little Dogs Get BIG Benefits from Natural Plan Stomach Soother

This little guy loves his Natural Plan Stomach Soother.

Natural Plan Stomach Soother can help your dog friend with stomach issues like gassiness, diarrhea and nausea. Always Made in the USA.

“…and the foa…


“…and the foals love the taste.”

“Here at the European Warmblood Stallion Zentrum, we produce about 50 foals per year for the Sport Horse Market and have found Natural Plan Stomach Soother effective in helping our foals weather the stress of weaning and worming.  We have encountered fewer problems with diarrhea, and the foals love the taste.”

Evelyn F., Owner/Manager

European Warmblood Stallion Zentrum

Natural Plan Stomach Soother Works for Dogs Too!

Natural Plan Stomach Soother originally began as a holistic digestive remedy for horses in 2004.  Digestive issues, ulcer pain, weight maintenance and travel/competition stresses are just some of the conditions that Natural Plan Stomach Soother(tm) has helped.  In recent years, it has been discovered by dog owners as well.  They reported that it has helped their canine friend with gas, digestion and diarrhea.  It was especially useful with stress caused by travel or competitions.

Papaya for dogs helps digestion

Dogs Love Natural Plan Stomach Soother

Natural Plan Stomach Soother is made from top quality papaya that has been specially processed to preserve as much of the natural goodness as possible.  Papaya contains papain, which is an enzyme that is effective in breaking down proteins.  Papain is what can stimulate the appetite, soothe the digestive tract and calm inflammatory bowel disorders.  It’s easy to give since horses and dogs love the taste.  Since Natural Plan Stomach Soother is a natural, single ingredient product made in the USA, you can be assured that it’s safe, doesn’t test in competitions or interfere with medications like antibiotics.  In fact, save yourself time and trouble by using Natural Plan Stomach Soother to  give them their medications and combat any side effects (like stomach upset) that can accompany medications.

Digestive issues can appear in many forms – not eating, picky eating, not-so-picky eating, or problems keeping weight.  Feeding is one of the most basic things we can do to care for someone and when your animals has problems, it’s troubling, to say the least.  Natural Plan Stomach Soother helps by soothing the digestive tract so that their appetite can come back naturally and the nutrients from their food can be absorbed.  The digestive tract can lose functionality when inflamed or stressed.  This can prevent nutrients, medications and supplements from being absorbed – leading to a vicious circle of more expensive food, more medications, more supplements.  Many customers appreciate our natural, single ingredient product that gets to the root of the matter, allowing the digestive process to work the way it is supposed to.

The owner of Raven, a beautiful 10-year-old Labrador Retriever said that her dog was unable to eat and rink due to extreme acid reflux and nausea.  She was distraught over seeing her beloved dog unable to eat or drink due to extreme acid reflux and nausea.  She hated seeing her friend, once a voracious eater, turn his head away from all food.  She tried everything to get him to eat.  Nothing worked.  She kept him alive with Sub-Q fluids to prevent his dehydration.  A vet told her that she should put him down.  Luckily, she went to a holistic vet’s office for a second opinion and they put Raven on Natural Plan Stomach Soother.  While still at the vet’s, he began to drink and take small treats.   When they returned home, Raven walked directly to his food bowl and ate for the first time in two weeks.

There are many digestive remedies available today, but unfortunately, they’re expensive, cause undesirable side effects or aren’t allowed in competitions.  Our product is economical, has no known side effects and doesn’t test in competitions.  It has a sweet, fruity flavor that can be used to camouflage the taste of other medicines or supplements.  You won’t have to struggle to give them their doses – they consider it a treat.  Natural Plan Stomach Soother will help your animal friend with their digestive issues – naturally and for less.