MiniHorseFeathers & Natural Plan Stomach Soother – Similar Values are Shared by both Companies

mini horse feathers Loves Stomach SootherMarsha Hamilton from is passionate about a lot of things.  Mini-horses, horses, and business are just some of them.  Which obviously is why she runs which is a specialty tack & supply online retailer.  We were speaking the other day and she was telling me about their new “Show Shammie”, which helps keep mini-horses warm and not catch a chill, and that the idea came to her from seeing a little horse shiver at a show & realizing that they are athletes and athletes have specialized fabrics and construction to help wick sweat, regulate temperature, etc.

The reason I’m telling you is that to me, it’s another example of looking past “how things have always been done” and doing something new.  She was enthused to come up with a solution to a problem.  She’s representative of a lot of Natural Plan Stomach Soother customers.  Usually when horses get ulcers – medications are purchased and used, and side-effects dealt with.  But our customers sought out something new – and in Natural Plan Stomach Soother’s case, something old & new!  Old, because papaya has been used for centuries as a digestive aid and new, because thinking outside the box is what got us to think about using papaya for horses.

Marsha also does what a lot of our customers do, she tells other people and shares what she’s learned.  Imagine if all new ideas were not shared – boo.  She was telling me about how she told her trainer about NPSS and that she used it when trailering her mini’s – either to a new home or to a show.  She also told me she know of several riders who drink it themselves when they’re nervous at a show or just not feeling that great after traveling.  In fact, she tells us, she tells EVERYONE about our product.  We of course love it, because it’s our customers’ testimonials that have kept us soothing stomachs since 2004.

When we started out, we focused solely on horses.  It’s been our customers that have helped us branch out to the canine, feline, bovine, and camelid market.  (Camelid – fancy for llamas & alpacas – and I would imagine camels………)  They’ve told us that not only did Stomach Soother help with ulcer and digestive issues – it was also helpful in giving meds.  Some have gotten their horses NOT to be afraid of syringes with it.  Others have told us they use it as a “happy juice” when their horse seems off – whether to grief, stress or new surroundings.

Marsha Hamilton from was the one to tell me about mini’s particular needs.  She ought to know – she and her sister joined forces and talents to establish a very special store offering the best in miniature horse and miniature donkey tack and supplies.  They carry unique products and you will discover new possibilities, all creatively designed and customized by people who love mini horses and everything about them.  That’s why Natural Plan Stomach Soother is so happy when we can get such kind words from such knowledgeable people.


Kitty Cats Helped by Natural Plan Stomach Soother – Eases Vomiting, Helps with Weight

You know Natural Plan Stomach Soother works on horses, but did you know it can also help cats?  A cat’s digestion needs to be in top form due to its high protein diet.

A high protein diet makes it a little tougher on the digestive system, just like people – imagine how you sometimes feel after a big steak!  Digesting that protein easily is crucial to getting the health benefits from the protein.   A healthy cat is looks good, with clear eyes and a shiny coat and in good spirits.  Problems with digestion often manifest in other bodily systems.  Your cat might start losing weight, get a scraggly coat, act lethargic or maybe they’ll develop diarrhea and vomiting.  Vets are now understanding how important the digestive system is to cats (and just about anything with a stomach for that matter!)

The digestive tract, like ours, starts with the mouth and ends, well, you know, the end.   A cat’s digestive system is in always working to make sure they get all the nutrition they can from their diets to ensure their health.  If a cat is fed too many processed snacks, along with their high-protein diet and ingestion of hair – well, you can imagine why their digestive tract could use some help.
The papaya in Natural Plan Stomach Soother has been specially processed to keep as much of the beneficial qualities of the fruit.  These enzymes help break down proteins and may aid in their digestive processes.  Louisa B. reports that her Tonkinese is “doing quite well on his Natural Plan Stomach Soother regimen and he is no longer on Metronidazole.  I am really impressed with the success I have had using Stomach Soother on my cats!”   She reports that her cat has firmer stools and is no longer throwing up hairballs as much.
Sometimes when the digestive tract isn’t at it’s optimum, cats can lose their appetite.  This can be very distressing to cat owners, watching their cats waste away.  Dina C. wrote to us to say, “Greeting Tim!  I just wanted to tell you that Natural Plan Stomach Soother has helped my little Bailey!  She has an appetite now and has put on some weight.  Previously, she would eat a little bit of food and vomit.  I have been giving her Natural Plan Stomach Soother for a little over a week and she has not vomited since!  Her coat feels better, her eyes are bright and she is much more playful (like she used to be).  I couldn’t be more happy with the results.  Next time I speak to the vet, I will definitely tell her about your product.  I will definitely be a repeat customer.”
When you have the option of using expensive medications made from compounds of stuff, or using an afforable, natural single fruit based product, why wouldn’t you try the less aggressive way first?  Sometimes medications are needed, but why not give them the chance to deal with the underlying issue – good digestion, as opposed to dealing with the symptoms bad digestion causes.
Check out Natural Plan Stomach Soother for yourself and see how it can help your feline friend.

Finicky Filly Flourishes, Crowned Champion on Natural Plan Stomach Soother ™


Traveling is stressful, for you, for your horse – being in a trailer, hauled across many miles, that’s not natural for a horse and it can cause problems for you.  First – just loading a horse can be stressful and then when you get to your location, there can be a mess for you to deal with and the horse might go off its feed.  Not a good situation since you’re probably traveling to show your horse, compete with your horse, or possibly sell your horse.  Having them show up in poor condition is not what you want – you want them to load easily, unload a horse without diarrhea, and have them eat at their new location – you need to Get on the Plan!

Tracy K. from Arcadia, Florida sent us the following email:

“I was introduced to Natural Plan Stomach Soother ™ by an e-group friend who sells horse products.  I was looking to purchase a another product for my weanlings that I was hauling to Iowa from SW Florida.  She recommended Natural Plan Stomach Soother instead.  My weanlings, particularly the filly, Lady of the House, were stressed from weaning and being off their feed.  48 hours after being placed on Natural Plan Stomach Soother and they were both eating everything in site…particularly the finicky filly who had two futurities to show in Des Moines, Iowa in October.  Wonder of wonders, she shipped well…even taking a nap when we did by laying down in her box stall on the trailer.  On October 4, 2010, after a 1,500 mile ride and after only being weaned for two weeks, she was crowed Mid West POA Futurity Filly Champion in Des Moines, Iowa.

I truly believe that Natural Plan Stomach Soother is what kept her eating and doing well for a whole 10 days on the road.  Thanks again for a great product that actually does what it says it is going to!”

Better “Legs” with Natural Plan Stomach Soother ™ – Happier Horse for You!


We received the following from Claudia W. of Maryland:

She writes:

Dear (Natural Plan) Stomach Soother

I wanted to share with you the great success I have had using your product for my horse.  I was given a horse by trainer James Murphy, about 2 1/2 years ago.  His name is “Titled” and is half brother to Kentucky Derby winner “Super Saver”.  After being sidelined by knee chips and surgery to remove them, the horse went back to Laurel Park to continue his racing career.

Three months into his recovery, the trainer and his owners decided to find a new home for him.  I was lucky enough to have been contacted by Mr. Murphy’s barn foreman, and a few days later the horse was in my bar, with a new name, “Legs”.  I do recall when I picked him up that there was a large tub of uneaten grain in his stall, but it didn’t really register until much later.  Almost immediately we noticed that the horse really was not very interested in his grain.  He weaved and kicked in his stall, and seemed lethargic most of the time.  He did not lay down, or roll for the first several months I had him, until i had acupuncture work done and the practitioner kept saying how “acidic” he was.  He was very quite and rarely went faster than a walk while turned out, and always seemed to be a bit tied up while under saddle.  Unable to really stretch and go forward.  I always suspected ulcers, because of his thrifty appearance, and never gave him Bute.

Shortly thereafter, I moved to the country and brought “Legs” with me.  The new grain was a sweet feed and within a few weeks he was completely bonkers, so I switched to a low sugar beet pulp based feed.  However, the symptoms got worse, and I finally had him tested for Lyme disease.  The results came back negative, but the vet indicated there may be some ulcer issues, based on the blood work.  I tried a powdered ulcer medication, but after a week I saw no improvement.  This is when I discovered Natural Plan Stomach Soother ™ at my local tack store.   Within 3 days his stall smelled better, and he was kicking up his heels in the field!

That was over a year ago.  He has become robust and cheerful with the help of Natural Plan Stomach Soother ™!  We continue our training and are looking forward to a fun summer of Hunter shows!  Thank you NPSS for helping my hose!

Mini’s Benefit from Natural Plan Stomach Soother – Makes Moving to a New Home Easier

One of the most stressful events in your life can be moving to a new home – all the commotion, running around and anxiety.  And that’s just getting there.  Once at your new home, there are new routines, faces, surroundings – it can be a lot to take in.  It’s no different for your animal.  There is always stress and a period of adjustment – but you can help.

One of the easiest ways to make the transition to a new home go smoothly is to soothe their stomachs so that they don’t get digestive upset from the move.  Ellen F. tells us her story about her mini, Kodie.

She writes:

“I was introduced to Natural Plan Stomach Soother ™ by a friend, whom I bought my mini from.  She sent me home with a few bottles, and a wealth of information (about the product).  I used Natural Plan Stomach Soother for a few days in order to help Kodie better adjust to his new home.  NPSS is absolutely amazing.  Kodie never went off his feed.  He actually never missed a beat.  We use it for everything.  If we have a horse that stresses from trailering, diarrhea, or maybe one that has decided they don’t feel like drinking much.  Natural Plan Stomach Soother does exactly what it says, soothes.  What a wonderful product.  I am incredibly thankful I was introduced to Natural Plan Stomach Soother!”

Such nice words Ellen – it’s great that Kodie was able to make such a good transition to his new home by  using NPSS.