Natural Plan Stomach Soother reviewed by Horse Journal in 2005 & 2012


What a long way we’ve come!  The prestigious Horse Journal in March of 2005 published an article about horse ulcers.  At that time, there was still much debate as to whether or not all horses even had ulcers in the general horse community.  The Horse Journal article did a lot to explain and educate people on the symptoms, signs and  treatments  of horse ulcers and stomach issues.  At that time, they reviewed 19 products, Natural Plan Stomach Soother being one of them.

Their bottom line was that they preferred U-gard Solution.  However, they found “similar rapid results were obtained with (Natural Plan) Stomach Soother”.  Their point of difference at the time was that U-gard was less expensive.  We’d like to point out however, that the cost is negligible when you consider that you may have to use 4 oz. per dose as opposed to 2 oz..  Also, considering that long-term use of calcium & magnesium (the other guy’s active ingredients) has negative side effects, while NPSS has none, the choice is clear.

At that time, in 2005, the Horse Journal listed 19 remedies.  When they published an update on this subject, in June of 2012, only 12 were listed.  And of these 12, only 3 are from the original 19 remedies that were listed back in 2005.  Natural Plan Stomach Soother is one of them (the others being the Pro-CMC & U-gard).  Entering our 10th year of business, we feel blessed to be one of oldest branded alternative digestive remedy on the market.  Our customers find rapid relief for their horses from the discomfort of ulcers, diarrhea, weaning and more.  They appreciate the fact that they can mix other medications like Bute into our tasty Natural Plan Stomach Soother and not have their horse spit out the medication or suffer side effects such as digestive discomfort from antibiotics.

We love the fact that so many horses (and some owners!) have tried our product and have found it useful.  They’ve informed us about uses beyond our initial scope – such as using it for dogs, cats, llamas and alpacas.  Our customers have told us that it’s made their horse calmer or happier.  Travel weary customers have tried it on themselves and let us know how good it made their stomach feel.



Here Are Just Some of the Comments About Natural Plan Stomach Soother

“…I do know that horses who tend to stay on the Natural Plan Stomach Soother for 6 to 8 weeks no longer exhibit signs associated with ulcers.”

Donald Kiefer, DVM from Virginia

Natural Plan Stomach Soother

Papaya For Horses – Great for Digestion

Natural Plan Stomach Soother is very palatable and effective in horses with mild to moderate gastric ulcer / digestive upset symptoms consisting of poor appetite for grain, mild depression or irritability and sporadic belching or toothing grinding.  Documented rapid relief within three to five days.

Horse Journal magazine article: “Ulcers:  Weighing Risks v. Over-the-Counter Treatments”

“I ended up talking again to the girl at the tack/feed store I go to about how it might be an ulcer and getting more Ulcergard.  She talked about how it is so expensive and suggested that I try this (Natural Plan) Stomach Soother and that she had good reports from people that were using it for horses on the track.  Thanks for a great product – it worked!”

Kathy W. by email

Natural Plan Stomach Soother has been a HUGE part of our racing stable since I discovered your product while working at the Breeder’s Cup World Championships at Churchill Downs.  The first morning I gave it to her, she was drinking better after she galloped, cleaned up her lunch, and cleaned up her supper…. She put on weight, filled out, dappled out, and was a picture of health.

Danielle G. from Indiana

We recommend Natural Plan Stomach Soother for both large and small animal patients when they have digestive disturbances, stomach upset.”

Judith Shoemaker, DVM

Natural Plan Stomach Soother has always been a good seller ever since we discovered it back in 2004!  Customers like having a natural alternative to ulcer meds and they keep coming back for more.”

Ronnie Zito, Tri-County Tack store in Virginia

Cats Can Benefit from Natural Plan Stomach Soother

We love hearing from our customers – they’re the ones who help us spread the word about a natural, affordable product that can soothe stomachs without side effects.

Louisa B. wrote us to say, “I’m pleased to report that our Tonkinese is doing quite well on his Natural Plan Stomach Soother ™ regimen and that he is no longer on Metronidazole. At my vet’s suggestion, we are adding a “pinch” of powdered Tylan to his daily dose of stomach Soother and the results are even firmer stools. Great news for all of us! I am really impressed with the success I have had using Natural Plan Stomach Soother on my cats.”

Cats' hairballs can be helped with Natural Plan Stomach Soother

Feline digestion benefits from papaya

Dina C. needed help with cat’s appetite. She wrote, “Greetings! I just  wanted to tell you that Natural Plan Stomach Soother has helped my little cat, Bailey! She has an appetite now and has put on some weight. Previously, she would eat a little bit of food and vomit. I have been giving her Natural Plan Stomach Soother for a little over a week and she has not vomited since! Her coat feels better, her eyes are bright and she is much more playful (like she used to be). I couldn’t be more happy with the results. Next time I speak to the vet, I will definitely tell her about your product! I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks so much for saving my kitty.”

The papain in the papaya helps a cat better digest their high protein diet, not to mention all the incidental hair they eat while grooming themselves. Owners have reported not only better digestion, but fewer hairballs and/or less stress during the coughing up of hairballs.

The dosage for cats would be 1/4 to 1/2 ounce twice per day, before meals if possible. Cats don’t always agree though, so if that’s the case, then mixing it in their food is a good alternative. The new, 2 oz. size is perfect for cats as it provides eight 1/4 ounce doses or four 1/2 ounce doses.

Soothing Stomachs Since 2004!

There are many digestive remedies available today, but unfortunately they’re expensive, cause undesirable side effect or aren’t allowed in competitions.  Natural Plan Stomach Soother is economical, has no known side effects and doesn’t test in competitions.  It has a sweet, fruity flavor that can be used to camouflage the taste of other medicines or supplements.  You won’t have to struggle to give them their doses – they consider it a treat!

Natural Plan Stomach Soother will help your horse or other animal friend with their digestive issues – naturally and for less.  Kathryn S. reported, “I had a yearling filly that had bouts of colic since 6 months of age.  Even though she held weight, she was quiet, rough coated and just not thriving like the others.  I put her on (Natural Plan) Stomach Soother ™ and immediately she ate her night meal without stopping.  She is eating with gusto ever since and her attitude is like a different yearling completely.  It’s nice to find a product that really does what it says it will do.”

For some horse owners, their digestive issues appear as ulcers or ulcer-related.  Their horses eat, maintain weight for the most part, but just seem to be “off”.  Dr. Madalyn Ward, noted holistic equine veterinarian has had success using Natural Plan Stomach Soother.  “Cooper” was a horse with suspected ulcers that showed significant results once started on Natural Plan Stomach Soother.  Dr. Ward reported, “Cooper stopped biting at his side within a few days of starting Stomach Soother, his shoulder tightness improved and he was able to lift his withers.  We weren’t convinced that our happy, well-managed cold could have horse ulcers, so we stopped the Stomach Soother after 1 bottle.  Guess what, the biting and shoulder stiffness returned within a week.  After 3 attempts to discontinue the Natural Plan Stomach Soother, we realized the horse ulcers were real and something we would need to address long term.”  Luckily for them, Natural Plan Stomach Soother can be used long term with no side effects or rebound syndrome.

Digestive issues can also appear as not eating, picky eating, not-so-picky eating and problems maintaining weight.  Feeding is one of the most basic things we can do to care for someone and when you have problems with it – it’s troubling to say the least.  NPSS helps by soothing the digestive tract so that their appetite can come back naturally and the nutrients from their food can be absorbed.  The digestive tract can lose functionality when inflamed or stressed.  This can prevent nutrients, medications and supplements from being absorbed.  This leads to a vicious circle of more expensive feeds, more medications, more supplements.  Many customers appreciate our natural, single ingredient product that gets to the heart of the matter – allowing the digestive process to work the way it is supposed to.


“…let me tell…


“…let me tell you that Natural Plan Stomach Soother was really a God send for my horses and got us through some hard time when the Rx would not help AT ALL….” Pao P.

Our customers are our biggest promoters – we appreciate each and every one.

Kitty Cats Helped by Natural Plan Stomach Soother – Eases Vomiting, Helps with Weight

You know Natural Plan Stomach Soother works on horses, but did you know it can also help cats?  A cat’s digestion needs to be in top form due to its high protein diet.

A high protein diet makes it a little tougher on the digestive system, just like people – imagine how you sometimes feel after a big steak!  Digesting that protein easily is crucial to getting the health benefits from the protein.   A healthy cat is looks good, with clear eyes and a shiny coat and in good spirits.  Problems with digestion often manifest in other bodily systems.  Your cat might start losing weight, get a scraggly coat, act lethargic or maybe they’ll develop diarrhea and vomiting.  Vets are now understanding how important the digestive system is to cats (and just about anything with a stomach for that matter!)

The digestive tract, like ours, starts with the mouth and ends, well, you know, the end.   A cat’s digestive system is in always working to make sure they get all the nutrition they can from their diets to ensure their health.  If a cat is fed too many processed snacks, along with their high-protein diet and ingestion of hair – well, you can imagine why their digestive tract could use some help.
The papaya in Natural Plan Stomach Soother has been specially processed to keep as much of the beneficial qualities of the fruit.  These enzymes help break down proteins and may aid in their digestive processes.  Louisa B. reports that her Tonkinese is “doing quite well on his Natural Plan Stomach Soother regimen and he is no longer on Metronidazole.  I am really impressed with the success I have had using Stomach Soother on my cats!”   She reports that her cat has firmer stools and is no longer throwing up hairballs as much.
Sometimes when the digestive tract isn’t at it’s optimum, cats can lose their appetite.  This can be very distressing to cat owners, watching their cats waste away.  Dina C. wrote to us to say, “Greeting Tim!  I just wanted to tell you that Natural Plan Stomach Soother has helped my little Bailey!  She has an appetite now and has put on some weight.  Previously, she would eat a little bit of food and vomit.  I have been giving her Natural Plan Stomach Soother for a little over a week and she has not vomited since!  Her coat feels better, her eyes are bright and she is much more playful (like she used to be).  I couldn’t be more happy with the results.  Next time I speak to the vet, I will definitely tell her about your product.  I will definitely be a repeat customer.”
When you have the option of using expensive medications made from compounds of stuff, or using an afforable, natural single fruit based product, why wouldn’t you try the less aggressive way first?  Sometimes medications are needed, but why not give them the chance to deal with the underlying issue – good digestion, as opposed to dealing with the symptoms bad digestion causes.
Check out Natural Plan Stomach Soother for yourself and see how it can help your feline friend.