Cats Can Benefit from Natural Plan Stomach Soother

We love hearing from our customers – they’re the ones who help us spread the word about a natural, affordable product that can soothe stomachs without side effects.

Louisa B. wrote us to say, “I’m pleased to report that our Tonkinese is doing quite well on his Natural Plan Stomach Soother ™ regimen and that he is no longer on Metronidazole. At my vet’s suggestion, we are adding a “pinch” of powdered Tylan to his daily dose of stomach Soother and the results are even firmer stools. Great news for all of us! I am really impressed with the success I have had using Natural Plan Stomach Soother on my cats.”

Cats' hairballs can be helped with Natural Plan Stomach Soother

Feline digestion benefits from papaya

Dina C. needed help with cat’s appetite. She wrote, “Greetings! I just  wanted to tell you that Natural Plan Stomach Soother has helped my little cat, Bailey! She has an appetite now and has put on some weight. Previously, she would eat a little bit of food and vomit. I have been giving her Natural Plan Stomach Soother for a little over a week and she has not vomited since! Her coat feels better, her eyes are bright and she is much more playful (like she used to be). I couldn’t be more happy with the results. Next time I speak to the vet, I will definitely tell her about your product! I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thanks so much for saving my kitty.”

The papain in the papaya helps a cat better digest their high protein diet, not to mention all the incidental hair they eat while grooming themselves. Owners have reported not only better digestion, but fewer hairballs and/or less stress during the coughing up of hairballs.

The dosage for cats would be 1/4 to 1/2 ounce twice per day, before meals if possible. Cats don’t always agree though, so if that’s the case, then mixing it in their food is a good alternative. The new, 2 oz. size is perfect for cats as it provides eight 1/4 ounce doses or four 1/2 ounce doses.

Can’t afford Omiprazole? Try Natural Plan Stomach Soother ™

“I have a mare who is described by my vet as the poster child for ulcers.  Omiprazole is cost prohibitive and Ranitidine only works for eight hours at a time.  Natural Plan Stomach Soother made the difference between life and death for this mare since I am unable to afford Omiprazole daily for the rest of her life or be there to give Ranitidine every eight hours.”

“I recommend Natural Plan Stomach Soother to all horse owners who travel, compete, want to avoid GI upset or have problems with existing GI issues.  I even give it to my young horse on show days and prior to trailering, just in case.  I am thrilled with Natural Plan Stomach Soother and will continue to recommend it to all horse owners.  It has truly been a life saver.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.!”

Sherry M., Bluegrass Farm

Mini’s Benefit from Natural Plan Stomach Soother – Makes Moving to a New Home Easier

One of the most stressful events in your life can be moving to a new home – all the commotion, running around and anxiety.  And that’s just getting there.  Once at your new home, there are new routines, faces, surroundings – it can be a lot to take in.  It’s no different for your animal.  There is always stress and a period of adjustment – but you can help.

One of the easiest ways to make the transition to a new home go smoothly is to soothe their stomachs so that they don’t get digestive upset from the move.  Ellen F. tells us her story about her mini, Kodie.

She writes:

“I was introduced to Natural Plan Stomach Soother ™ by a friend, whom I bought my mini from.  She sent me home with a few bottles, and a wealth of information (about the product).  I used Natural Plan Stomach Soother for a few days in order to help Kodie better adjust to his new home.  NPSS is absolutely amazing.  Kodie never went off his feed.  He actually never missed a beat.  We use it for everything.  If we have a horse that stresses from trailering, diarrhea, or maybe one that has decided they don’t feel like drinking much.  Natural Plan Stomach Soother does exactly what it says, soothes.  What a wonderful product.  I am incredibly thankful I was introduced to Natural Plan Stomach Soother!”

Such nice words Ellen – it’s great that Kodie was able to make such a good transition to his new home by  using NPSS.