Jack Russell Puppy Helped by Natural Plan Stomach Soother

Natural Plan Stomach Soother began in the equine market, but dog owners soon discovered it would work well on their pets too.  Dogs stomachs often have some of the same problems as horses – problems with weaning, troubles with travel, stress from new locations and diet.  The symptoms can be somewhat the same too – loose stools or diarrhea, withdrawn behavior and picky eating.  Our product can help with those problems and help an animal gain or maintain weight.

Puppy tummy helped by Natural Plan Stomach Soother

Puppy tummy helped by Natural Plan Stomach Soother

Here is a testimonial from Gillian C. about her Jack Russell puppy.
“My husband Ric and I picked up a 7 week old Jack Russell “Shortie” puppy in Roanoke, Virginia, about a 4 hour drive from our house.  She was quite anxious in the car, and vomited several times on the way home.  On the next day she ate little, had constipation alternating with diarrhea, and vomited intermittently.

This made me particularly distraught because we had lost our beloved 6 year old Jack Russell “Ratter” 5 weeks earlier to a mysterious disease that was never diagnosed despite 2 hospital stays and $3,000 in vet bills.  To see another small brown and white canine in distress was pushing all the panic buttons left over from the last tragedy.

I took the puppy to the vet and who said the puppy’s digestive system was adapting to the non-milk diet, and she was probably emotionally stressed by the separation from her litter mates and mother.  She gave me some high calorie gel to get nutrition into the puppy, and said time would fix the problem.

A light went off in my head when the vet mentioned stress, and as soon as I got her home I gave her 6 cc’s of Natural Plan Stomach Soother.  Within a few hours her stool became normal, and she started eating the dinner I made her.  After a few days of dosing with 6 cc’s twice a day, she was eating her regular puppy food and gaining weight every day.

After her digestion normalized, her Jack Russell personality blossomed and she began bouncing off the wall with high energy enthusiasm.  As she was born on the 4th of July, my husband decided to name her after a firework, and hence she is now known as “Cherry Bomb”.

Strangers frequently let out a squeal of adoration when they see her out in public.  On two occasions she has actually stopped traffic as drivers ask what kind of breed she is and line up to pet her.  I told my husband if I die before him and he needs a new wife, just get a Jack Russell puppy and go walking in a park, and he will have no shortage of potential dates.”

We love learning from our customers.  It was our customers that have told us how well Natural Plan Stomach Soother works on animals other than horses – whether Jack Russell dogs or cats, or llamas, or alpacas or tropical birds or………..you get the picture.

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