Natural Plan Stomach Soother – 10 years on the Digestive Market

smallSquared Girl Dog Horse w logos copyNatural Plan Stomach Soother is an alternative, holistic remedy for stomach distress in animals.  this market has really exploded in the past 5 years.  Prior to that, only expensive thoroughbreds were treated for stomach distress.

There are two main segments in this area: Pharmaceutical and Non-Pharmaceutical.

In the Pharmaceutical realm there are:

Gastrogard – Ulcergard – Ranitidine tablets – Tums – Mylanta Tab & Liquids

The downside of these pharmaceuticals is that they can be expensive, may require a prescription (Gastrogard) and some have to be given 3 to 4 times per day.  In addition, their active ingredients have legitimate concerns.  In the case of Gastrogard & Ulcergard, the active ingredient is omeprazole.  Omeprazole has been given a black box warning from the FDA in humans because it causes an increase in bone fractures and breaks, an increase in intestinal infections and malnutrition.  It is only a matter of time before veterinarians begin to notice these effects in horses.  Also, stopping the use of these medications often causes horrible rebound effects.

Tums contains calcium carbonate and Mylanta has aluminum and magnesium as active ingredients.  There are issues with using these medicines long term.  Calcium may in fact, increase stomach discomfort and long-term magnesium use may can cause irregular heartbeat.  These also, can cause rebound effects when trying to discontinue use.

In the Non-Pharmaceutical realm there are:

Natural Plan Stomach Soother (liquid) and

Aloe Vera Juice – Chewable Papaya Pills – Eguisin SLH Pellets – Neighlox Powder – Platinum Gastric Support Powder – Pro CMC Liquid – Smart Gut Pellets – Soybean Oil – U-7 Gastric Aid Liquid – U-gard Pellets

These alternatives also have their pros and cons.  Many are expensive, in pill, powder or pellet form and therefore difficult to administer.  You also can’t mix other medications or supplements for easy dosing like you can with Natural Plan Stomach Soother.  Others contain calcium carbonate, aluminum or magnesium.  As stated above, these ingredients can cause another set of problems.  The aloe vera juice is the only natural single ingredient product (other than Natural Plan Stomachs Soother) and aloe vera is NOT as palatable as papaya.

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