Quarter Horse Helped by Natural Plan Stomach Soother

Natural Plan Stomach Soother, papaya for horses

Bailey, an 11 year old Quarter Horse was suffering from runny stools before trying Natural Plan Stomach Soother. It cleared up the diarrhea and made her coat shimmer and helped her gain weight.

“I have owned my 11 year-old Quarter Horse mare, Bailey, for over a year.  I noticed when I first brought her home that she had runny bowels down her legs.  At first we thought she was just nervous and would take a while to settle in, but after several months of continual loose bowels, we started looking around for something to help her.  Then in April my daughter’s trainer, Gillian Clissold, suggested that we try Natural Plan Stomach Soother for her.  What an amazing result it was, not only did it stop the runny bowels, but it also made her coat shimmer, and help her gain weight.  Thank you for making this product, I tell all my friends about it and suggest that they use it.”

Deidre H., Manassas, VA

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